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​​​​ I have over 30 years of experience as an artist and decorator. I am not what is perceived as a traditional decorator/designer. Some of my past gigs include; In house artist for Yesterday's Memories, Artist in Residence for Garden Trowel, Licensed Artist for Saltbox Primitive Signs, Atelierista (studio teacher) for Rosa Parks ECEC, In house Stager for Kirkland's and various realtors as well as founding my own company Lisa Frost's Decorating Services in which I decorate commercial and residential properties for the holidays. So, because of my past experience, my goal on any project always starts with an artistic eye for color, balance and light. I have a very strong sense of space and flow and positioning to get the most ambiance. I feel very strong about up cycling and reusing art and furniture to get the look I want. Sometimes that involves repainting, rebuilding and reshaping what is on hand.

DIY may need just a bit of help.

So if you need a coach, someone to answer your questions around decorating or redesigning your space then contact me. I have redecorated spaces for clients using only pictures that have been provided for me. I can also advise you on what type of paint and processes to use for particular surfaces such as concrete, wood, metal, glass and furniture that you may be planning on adding to your space.

My rates are affordable so you can get on with saving money and putting it into your own DIY project. 

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